stuff I learn but forget I learned

  1. You won’t find what you’re looking for online, on t.v., or on your phone. Stop looking or try Google.
  2. It’s not as important as it feels.
  3. @work: Be kind. Be strong. Do your work. Go home.
  4. Tasks: push through one at a time. Time will work itself out. Breathe.
  5. There is no weekend, no class bell, no perfect desk or pen, no classroom, and no group study, no kind word-not now or maybe ever, no perfect moment.
  6. I’ve written a dozen of these lists if I’ve written one.
  7. There is no Is. There is no Ain’t. Just well-meaning people who care about you and don’t want you to suffer. Remember that.
  8. Blogs: You don’t need me to tell you any of this-there are plenty of others who have chosen that job. My job is to create, to decipher, to translate, to lay out, to invent, to tell a story, and not to coddle others.
  9.  There is no entrance exam to your art.
  10. You can create art that simply shows love and admiration, don’t have to save the world with every word, brush stroke, or image.