Keepin’ it simple

Keep it simple. It occurs to me to like the sentiment.
To like the placement of enough. Not too full, not bursting over.

But it hurt me for awhile to box it up and give it away. I felt a little lost for things when they weren’t there (yet things I never used anymore, just holding a place for futures that never delivered).

I guess it was the loss of my house and the fear of moving that moved me. But I admired the long-staying; 50 years in one place, the boxes and piles and stuffing that kept a home full.

I decided that was better. That meant roots and stability. Scarcity recommended flight and poverty of spirit, or it can be seen that way. I like opening a cupboard and recognizing every dish. I like knowing where all the blankets are and every book is out not boxed away.

Keep it simple, they are right.

I like the sentiment in that.